International Freight Forwarding

LPC Global Logistics is your trusted partner in international freight forwarding in today’s interconnected world and a global economy that relies on the seamless movement of goods across borders. To thrive in this dynamic environment, we are offering you a reliable and experienced partner for efficient, secure, and cost-effective international freight forwarding solutions.

The Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certification that we hold signifies our compliance with international security and customs standards. It also means that we have streamlined customs procedures, reducing delays and ensuring the secure transit of your goods.

Step into new horizons and elevate your global trade operations by experiencing our seamless and stress-free international freight forwarding services.

Air Freight

Our global coverage allows you book cargo from any destination around the world to any airport within East Africa. Where cargo needs to be transported swiftly, to-or-from an inland destination, we provide a combination of air and truck services. The LPC air freight includes additional services like temperature control, perishable commodities, sensitive equipment and project cargo.

Sea Freight

We are able to book sea freight shipment for any cargo type, from any destination around the world to the port of custom clearance. By leveraging on longstanding strategic relationships with a wide range of carriers, we easily provide flexible, reliable and secure sea freight solutions. You will also value our ability to support your business by linking with other services such as getting the best shipment schedules, multimodal transport and cross-border solutions for your cargo.

The dedicated LPC project cargo team handle the most complex projects from concept, through to planning and final execution. Be assured that ambient and temperature-controlled containers and warehouses that meet the most demanding requirements are available on demand.

Road Freight

LPC Global Logistics provides dependable and flexible trucking solutions handling goods from warehouses or processing factories into any destination countries in the region across six countries – Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi via road and sea.

We have access to the equipment and capacity to handle complex shipments while our project teams will match your freight with the appropriate vehicle and the right route. Further, we have the ability to restructure resources should the need arise. We drive the end-to-end process with export customs, borders and final clearance to your destination countries in the region.


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